Kids Martial Arts Mohali

Almost all parents are thoughtful (and sometimes worried) about the growth of their children. We live in a world where stress has become a part of our lives. Kids are no different, they have their own set of stresses to deal with. Rigorous studies, homework, tests and projects put a lot of pressure on tiny minds. Stress that develops from watching TV, playing mobile phone games, etc. also affects the growth of children.

At Everest Martial Arts Academy in Mohali, we teach kids how to deal with stress and put their energy to develop mind and body. Kids are energetic and need a way to consume energy positively. That’s what we do, we help them utilize their energy while building good habits. Our program helps kids to build a sportsman mentality, grow self-confidence and stay fit.

We are dedicated to building a strong foundation of life skills and character building for your child, and our results-driven team of professional and experienced instructors are focused on improving your child’s life through martial arts. Our students participate in championships regularly, which boosts their morale and helps them in gaining confidence.

This is the perfect choice for getting your child active and involved with like-minded peers. Beginning with your child’s very first class, our Kids Karate classes will have your child punching, chopping and kicking while having a great time! As kids learn all the fun martial arts skills, they’ll also enjoy a world of other benefits.

Contact us now for a free Martial Arts session to know what you can expect, just fill the form on the right and express your interest! We will get back to you to arrange a time and day. If you are looking for Karate in Mohali or Martial Arts in Mohali, you can visit us, check our contact page for directions.