Martial Arts is a way of living, it’s an ideology!

Adult Martial Arts Mohali

At Everest Martial Arts Academy, we not only teach karate and martial arts but we also induce an ideology of self-defense at all times. Be it kids or adults, everyone should be equipped with a skill-set that can keep you protected at all times. You never know when you may need your skills to protect you and  your loved ones.

We have a special program for teaching adults karate and martial arts at Mohali, how to effectively kick, punch and stay protected. Our programs help you develop strength, agility and skills that you can count on when you need it the most. With the unique martial arts styles at Everest Martial Arts Academy, you’ll learn something new everyday while absolutely loving our classes as they provide you with an amazing total body workout that improves your fitness and reduces stress.

Our classes will introduce you to world of techniques that will not only build your stamina but double and quadruple your strength. Learn valuable self-defense skills while you get into shape – mentally and physically. In our adult self defense class (no experience necessary), our professional instructors will work with you to ensure that you have a positive and safe experience in our Martial Arts program.

Practice in a safe environment. The instructor teaches and demonstrates all the techniques and coaches students while they practice. For classes involving strikes, the instructors wear padded armor and are trained to allow you to hit and kick with force.

Contact us now for a free Martial Arts session to know what you can expect, just fill the form on the right and express your interest! We will get back to you to arrange a time and day. If you are looking for Karate in Mohali or Martial Arts in Mohali, you can visit us, check our contact page for directions.