At Everest Martial Arts Academy, we offer the best programs for self defense and total fitness. Our classes are fun filled, full of action and a lot of interaction happens between the students and the teacher. We reach out to every individual during the class hours in order to provide a consistent and a progressive practice session. We have different programs available for individuals:

Kids Self Defense
Teens Self Defense
Adult Self Defense
Total Fitness

Although, the goal of each of our programs is the same, to provide total fitness of mind and body. However, we also prepare our students for championships that not only build the morale of students but also help them get recognition in the society.

A lot of our students have won championships at international level which helped the students gain confidence and recognition in the school, institutes and society. If you are looking for a fun-filled way to boost your child’s discipline, help them gain self-confidence, teach them to respect themselves and others all while getting a great workout and learning effective self-defense techniques, please contact us today!

With the unique martial arts styles at Everest Martial Arts Academy, you’ll learn something new everyday while absolutely loving our classes as they provide you with an amazing total body workout that improves your fitness and reduces stress.