Everest Martial Arts Academy Mohali is all set to hold a Color Belt Test on 19th November. It is to inform all the students learning Taekwondo, Chi Kwang Do and other forms of martial arts at our center in Mohali and Kharar, should attend this test and have your belts upgraded on successfully passing the test.

The venue for the color belt test is our main academy at the Gillco Valley. All parents and students are advised to adhere to the timings. The students should report before 9am and the color belt test will begin sharply 9:30am. Parents, please bring in your kids on time. Parents can stay for the duration of the belt test in the waiting gallery. Parents are requested to park their vehicles properly outside the venue for the convenience of everyone.

The event time is from 9am till 12:30pm (the time can extend if there are any delays). All of the students will be awarded the next belt in their group after the belt test. Parents are welcome to click pics and also meet Master Pawan Oli and discuss the progress of their child.

This is a test of the muscle and technique, watch your kids kick and punch the troubles of their lives. At Everest Martial Arts Academy Mohali, our focus is always to bring the best out of students and help them to be strong, realize their true powers, build confidence and most of all, be health conscious. We hope you will not only enjoy the belt test but will join us after the event to celebrate the win.

We wish all the students and their parents the best!

Master Pawan Oli,
EMAA Team.

Martial Arts Mohali Color Belt Test on Nov 19th, 2017
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